Our Science

Our science

Two out of three women find
that their skincare product
doesn't work as promised.

The mystery of skincare

Skincare is, without a doubt, one of the most mystifying and untransparent beauty categories. In most cases, the results are not immediate. You can immediately judge a product on its texture, smell, and feel, but what about when it comes to its anti-aging, acne-fighting, and skin pigmentation treating properties?

Results are not guaranteed. According to a recent study involving 1,800 racially diverse women (from ages 18 to 74), two out of three women find that their skincare product doesn't work as promised.

But, in the same breath, the beauty industry seems to be throwing promises around that just cannot be substantiated:
  • Apply once and your skin will stay hydrated for days!
  • It will give you a facelift that is comparable to a cosmetic procedure!
  • Your wrinkles will be reduced in minutes!

To justify these mystical claims and outrageous prices, many brands have begun to include ‘miracle ingredients’ in their formulations. We’re talking gold, pearl, crushed diamonds, caviar, exotic plants, and even human cells!

A $3 moisturizer can be just as effective as a $100 one

It may be a hard-to-swallow pill for some, but the truth is simple.

Although some products may have luxurious packaging, an engrossing buying experience, and a heartfelt origin story, the product formula is all that actually matters for your skin.

What if there was a way to measure the efficacy of your skincare product?

Here at CreamScan, we have decided to do just that. We have brought together some of the best minds from the industry and assembled a team of cosmetic chemists, botanical experts, mathematicians and dermatologists to create the best-in-class skincare efficacy analyzer.

Our philosophy

We believe that two main factors determine the efficiency of a skincare product.
First are its ingredients

This is pretty obvious. Potent ingredients make an effective product. And there are a ton of ingredients that have been proven to be effective by independent research.

Secondly are the concentrations of each ingredient

Even the most potent ingredient will not work effectively if its concentration is not sufficient. Many brands will centre the marketing of their products around some ‘star’, over-hyped ingredient, but in reality, will only be adding tiny quantities of it to their formula. The concentration of each ingredient in the formula is a trade secret and not available to consumers. This is where Creamscan comes in.

CreamScan algorithms

Although there is no way to know the precise concentration of each ingredient, it can always be estimated. But how?

CreamScan has developed a unique algorithm that gives each ingredient in the ingredient list a score. The higher the score, the higher concentration of this ingredient in the formula is likely to be.

Our score system is based on the statistical analysis of thousands of open formulas. We take into account the texture of the product (for example, cream, gel, and butter all have statistically different concentrations of water), the number of ingredients in the formula, the known concentrations of these ingredients, and the regulatory rules that state how ingredients should be listed (up until some point, ingredients have to be listed by descending order of concentration).

Once we have the ingredients and their scores, we can calculate the total score of all, say, moisturizing ingredients of the product, and then compare this with our benchmarks to provide you with a rating from 0 to 10.

And the Moisturizing rating
is only the beginning.

Discover the power
of your skincare
with CreamScan.