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The information contained on CreamScan is for informational purposes only.

CreamScan provides a platform to rate and review beauty products. Any information found on CreamScan, including but not limited to information on ingredients used in cosmetic products, is not intended to be, nor should be interpreted as, medical advice or a recommendation concerning the use of any cosmetic product for a particular purpose or result. Not all products may be suitable for you and the use of cosmetic products may be dangerous to your health. CreamScan does not test products for safety nor do we guarantee that any product found on CreamScan is safe for you to use. Any product ratings, scores, descriptions or reviews are only the opinions of CreamScan or its respective third-party. No information contained on CreamScan has been verified by the Food and Drug Administration nor is any such information intended to be a substitute for compliance with the Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act or any other regulation or law. We encourage you to conduct your own research prior to using any cosmetic product. 

Creamscan’s assessments of “moisturizing”, “humectant”, “occlusive”, “antioxidant” properties of products are opinions of the Creamscan team based on available scientific research papers. The terms “moisturizing”, “humectant”, “occlusive”, “antioxidant” should not be considered a warranty or factual representation of a product or manufacturer. Creamscan assesses ingredients in the products ingredients lists provided on the Website based on the Creamscan team’s perception and knowledge about FDA ingredients listing requirements on a cosmetic label. Creamscan’s ingredients lists and ingredients assessments should not be considered a warranty or factual representation of a product or manufacturer.

CreamScan works hard to ensure the accuracy of the information it provides throughout Services. However, we rely solely on data obtained about product ingredient lists, product names from many sources, therefore we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information or any analysis that uses such information. We reserve the right to correct any errors, omissions, or publish updates on any portion of our content without notice.


CreamScan is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Any routines or references to “anti-acne”, “antioxidants”, “barrier repair”, “SPF”, “soothing”, “skin concerns”, “skin conditions” or similar, found on CreamScan is for general informational purposes and is not medical advice. CreamScan makes no guarantees or representations that the use or nonuse of a product(s) on CreamScan will achieve a specific result or a desired outcome. You should always consult a licensed medical professional with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition related to the use of cosmetic products.

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Any information and descriptions of products by CreamScan, represent the sole views and opinions of CreamScan and are not intended to malign any organization, company, or individual. Any product reviews or testimonials posted by a user of CreamScan represent the views and opinions of that user and not of CreamScan.

At CreamScan, we strive to provide an unbiased viewpoint and science-based approach in rating cosmetic products (our “Product Ratings”). A Product Rating is composed, in part, of each product’s individual ingredient scores (“Ingredient Scores”). An Ingredient Score is our assigned value of the concentration of an ingredient within a product. Unless explicitly stated [via a “Verified” icon], Ingredient Scores do not represent the actual concentration of any ingredient within a product and are only intended to be used for informational purposes to explain a Product Rating. In assessing Ingredient Scores and formulating Product Ratings, we may obtain information from a variety of sources, including from product packaging and labels, manufacturer websites, peer-reviewed scientific papers, and data obtained from various governmental and non-governmental organizations. For more information on our methodology, please see Our Science.

Ingredient Scores and Product Ratings are based on the best information available to us at the time of publishing. However, this information is subject to change. For example, a scientific study may reveal new information about an ingredient or a manufacturer might update the ingredient list for a product. As such, any Ingredient Scores, Product Ratings, including product descriptions (including “rich in antioxidants”), scores, ratings (including moisturizing rating, occlusivity, and humectancy), functions, origins, recommendations to use or not use a product or to use or not use a product in combination with another product, as well as tags such as “oil-free”, “paraben-free” and similar, represent the opinions of CreamScan and should not be considered a factual representation or warranty about a product or manufacturer. Product Ratings do not imply standards or grades of purity. A Product Rating does not imply that a product is suitable for you and a low Product Rating does not imply that a product should not be used. The suitability of any ingredient, as a component of a finished cosmetic product or for any other purpose, is the sole responsibility of the user. We encourage you to contact the cosmetic product manufacturer with questions related to a product or its ingredients. Unless explicitly stated, CreamScan does not endorse any manufacturer or product. CreamScan disclaims all liability to you or any third-party arising from or related to the information found on CreamScan, including but not limited to any Ingredient Scores, Product Ratings, descriptions, or reviews by CreamScan or any third-party.