Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract

A potent antioxidant and emollient extract derived from grape seeds. It contains antioxidant flavonoids, tannins, proanthocyanidins, phytosterols, carotenoids, and vitamin E. It is often used in skincare products aimed at soothing and healing irritated skin.
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Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract


Vitis vinifera seed extract is an antioxidant, astringent, and otherwise generally beneficial extract derived from grape seeds.

It is widely used in skincare and has been the subject of many studies examining its benefits on the skin. They mainly focus on grape seed polyphenols (powerfully antioxidant flavonoids), tannins, and proanthocyanidins – these are the bitter ones that you can taste when you bite into a grape seed.

Other active compounds from grape seeds are phytosterols, carotenoids, and vitamin E – these are oil-soluble, emollient, and have antioxidant properties as well.

Grape seed extract is often used in cosmetics and aimed at soothing and healing irritated or aging skin. There are clinical studies on the effects of the grape seed extract on aging skin and for the treatment of discoloration/melasma, but the extract was taken orally in the form of pills in these studies. Although, if something works from the inside, it should, to some extent, have the same effect when applied to the skin’s surface.

There is a good field of evidence to support the benefits of grape seed extract and it’s an ingredient we’d highly recommend including in your skincare products.


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