Vegetable Oil

AKA: Olus Oil
An occlusive moisturizing and emollient fatty oil obtained from various plant sources. It consists mainly of triglycerides and saturated or unsaturated fatty acids.
Olus Oil
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Vegetable Oil


Vegetable oil is the general term used for liquid, fatty oils with occlusive moisturizing and emollient properties, obtained from plant sources such as seeds, nuts, kernels, and fruits (or specific parts of them).

Vegetable oil consists mainly of triglycerides with various compositions of fatty acids, which can be either saturated or unsaturated. Plant oils may also contain other compounds beneficial for your skin, such as phytosterols, vitamin E, carotenoids, or phospholipids – which have antioxidant properties.

The exact composition varies according to the source and without information from the manufacturer, there is no way of knowing where the oil came from. It may even be a mixture of several different oils.