Tin Oxide

A multi-functional mineral that increases the physical space a product takes up, increases the viscosity of liquid products, and, when used as an opacifying agent, makes a transparent or translucent product become opaque or solid in color.
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Tin Oxide


Tin oxide is a mineral ingredient that is supplied as a white powder and originates from tin metal. This multi-functional ingredient serves a range of purposes.

For example, tin oxide can work as a bulking ingredient, such as in pressed powder products to increase the physical space the product takes up.

Additionally, tin oxide can increase viscosity of liquid products, like creams, lotions, and serums, much in the same manner as it bulks up dry products. This is useful for thickening products in a natural manner without the use of gums or cellulose, which can affect the aesthetics of the product.

Another common use for tin oxide is as an opacifying agent. An opacifying agent is one that causes a transparent or translucent product to become opaque, or solid, in color. This type of ingredient is normally utilized for aesthetics purposes, as a method of coloring the product, or to produce coverage on the skin, such as in color cosmetics like foundations or concealers.

Finally, tin oxide makes a good abrasive when the particle size is large enough. An abrasive is a material used in exfoliators to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Tin oxide can be used in both facial and body exfoliating products.