Stearyl Alcohol

A natural fatty alcohol that thickens, stabilizes, and keeps emulsions a bright white color. It has many uses, the main one being as an emulsifier. It also acts as an opacifying agent and emollient.
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Stearyl Alcohol


Stearyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol, which is a waxy substance that is very different from the liquid solvents that are commonly thought of as alcohols.

Stearyl alcohol has many uses, where the main one is as an emulsifier. This emulsifier produces oil-in-water emulsions, and it is frequently combined with cetyl alcohol to create a blend known as cetearyl alcohol.

Supplied as a white to light-yellow pellet or flake, stearyl alcohol also stabilizes emulsions, acts as an opacifying agent, and works to control viscosity through thickening.

In addition, this ingredient can function as an emollient by producing soft and lightweight emulsions.