Sorbitan Stearate

A vegetable-derived ingredient most commonly used as an emulsifier to stabilize water and oil mixtures.
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Sorbitan Stearate


Sorbitan stearate is supplied as a light yellow pellet and is most commonly used as an emulsifier.

This ingredient creates water-in-oil emulsions, in which water droplets are surrounded by a continuous oil phase. It can also be paired with more polar emulsifiers, like cetearyl alcohol or cetearyl glucoside, to produce oil-in-water emulsions. Emulsion-based products can include anything from creams and lotions to opaque serums and toners.

Products that utilize sorbitan stearate usually feature a silky sensorial profile, but water-in-oil emulsions that use sorbitan stearate can leave greasy residue on the skin.