Phenyl Trimethicone

A silicone fluid that is used as an occlusive moisturizer. It applies smoothly to the skin and reduces the tack associated with organic oils.
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Phenyl Trimethicone


Phenyl trimethicone is a silicone fluid that has been modified to include a chemical group known as a phenyl. This ingredient is used as a moisturizer in skincare products.

Specifically, phenyl trimethicone moisturizes by acting as an occlusive, which is a type of moisturizer that traps water in the skin and prevents it from evaporating. This clear and colorless liquid has a low viscosity, applies smoothly to the skin, and reduces the tack associated with organic oils.

Additionally, this ingredient imparts a gloss on the skin without leaving behind a tacky residue. When added to oil-in-water emulsions, phenyl trimethicone can also reduce unwanted foaming behavior.