A vitamin B5 derivative. Similar to panthenol, it has several benefits as an antioxidant and humectant. However, it is less reactive and therefore products can stay stable longer.
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Pantolactone is a derivative of vitamin B5, it was typically used in organic chemistry with asymmetric synthesis reactions; however, it is now becoming more widespread in its use in skincare.

It is a weak basic compound that is typically supplied as a white powder in its purified form. It is water soluble and is created by the reaction of lactone (an ester) with panthothenic acid (B5).

In hair it forms a smooth film over the hair cuticles. In skin it has been to help soften the skin and act as a humectant to increase moisturization. It is mainly used in skincare in lieu of panthenol due to chemical reactions that may occur from using panthenol over pantolactone in a raw material as they are very similar materials.