Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Derived from the roots of the Korean Ginseng, this extract contains a mixture of antioxidant and soothing ginsenosides which are proven to reduce inflammation and treat eczema. The root is a major part of Chinese traditional medicine.
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Panax Ginseng Root Extract


Panax ginseng root extract is extracted from the roots of the Korean Ginseng.

It is used in skincare as an emollient and soothing ingredient. There is some science supporting its benefits.

The ginseng root contains several unique phytochemicals called ginsenosides which belong chemically to the group of triterpene saponins. Their structure is very similar to corticoid hormones which is why they have a partial ability to act like corticoids (i.e., on the skin they are potent anti-inflammatory compounds).

Ginseng root was tested as a treatment for atopic dermatitis and eczema and it was found that the root decreased inflammation of the skin and reduced transepidermal water loss from the eczematous patches.

Several studies agree that ginseng extract contains multiple compounds that are potent antioxidants that can protect the skin from harmful reactive oxygen species.

The studies are conflicted when it comes to ginseng and skin pigmentation issues. Some studies reported that ginseng extract was able to inhibit the production of melanin, while another study with an isolated ginsenoside reported an increase in melanin levels.

It is not yet known if the ginseng extract can be used to treat pigmentation issues due to these contradictory results.

The root is a major part of Chinese traditional medicine and is commonly used all over the world as a stamina booster and tonic for fatigue and memory loss. Such preparations are called adaptogens. Due to high demand, however, the commercially sold preparations are often adulterated with fillers like rice powder.

Scientists cannot agree if ginseng works that way, especially because there are various types of ginseng root, each of them different in their ginsenoside content and composition.

The research on the whole root extract, as well as its isolated compounds, is still ongoing.


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