Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract

An extract that comes from a certain apple cultivar. It is claimed to have superior properties over any other apple extracts and the patent holder claims that it has anti-wrinkle activity.

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Malus domestica fruit cell culture extract is a patented, alleged anti-wrinkle ingredient that comes from the apple cell culture, taken from a specific apple cultivar called ‘Uttwiler Spätlauber’.

The patent holder claims that the cell culture is superior to an ordinary apple extract because it contains all beneficial components in larger concentrations, is available at any time, is sustainable, and is always the same due to the controlled cultivation. After cultivation, the cells are broken down and encapsulated into liposomes – tiny oil-soluble particles that enhance the solubility of the ingredient and also help to deliver the active compound into the skin cells.

The patent holder also claims that this extract has anti-wrinkle properties (tested on 20 individuals for a month) as well as antioxidant properties (tested in test-tubes on skin cells). There are no other studies for this cell culture extract aside from the experiments made by the patent holder, and so there is still much to be known about this apple cell culture extract.


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