Glyceryl Caprylate

A waxy solid derived from vegetable oils that has emollient and emulsifying properties. It is also known to boost the efficacy of organic acid preservatives by destabilizing the microbe's cell membrane.
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Glyceryl Caprylate


Glyceryl caprylate is plant-derived emollient ester that is supplied as a white, waxy solid.

Because it features both a water-loving end and an oil-loving end on the same molecule, this ingredient can also act as a co-emulsifier that is commonly paired with oil-in-water emulsifiers such as ceteareth-25.

In addition, glyceryl caprylate is known to boost the efficacy of organic acid preservatives, like salicylic acid or sorbic acid. While glyceryl caprylate does not attack microbes directly, it allows the organic acids to penetrate the microbe cells more effectively by destabilizing the cell membrane.