A plant polysaccharide with humectant moisturizing properties that is most commonly obtained from Larch trees. It consists of two simple sugars: galactose and arabinose.
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Galactoarabinan is an antioxidant plant polysaccharide, most commonly obtained from Larch trees (although many other plants also contain galactoarabinans or similar saccharide molecules). It consists of galactose and arabinose, two simple sugars, which are joined together to form a longer chain.

Similar to other polysaccharides, galactoarabinan has humectant properties (it helps the skin to retain water), is soluble in water, and helps to stabilize a skincare formula. Galactoarabinan is also a film-forming ingredient that does not get absorbed into the skin (it sits on top and forms a thin layer).


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