Capryloyl Glycine

A naturally-derived or synthetically produced multi-functional ingredient. As an anti-microbial it can act as part of a product's preservative system or reduce microbes on the skin that cause certain kinds of acne or dandruff.

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Capryloyl glycine is a multi-functional ingredient comprised of the amino acid glycine and an eight-carbon chain.

One of the main functions of this ingredient is its anti-acne character. The way it works is two-fold; first, it controls over-active sebum production. Second, capryloyl glycine also restricts the growth of bacteria. Due to its ability to control the growth of bacteria, this ingredient also works well as a preservative.

Finally, capryloyl glycine is also a surfactant in nature, meaning it has a water-loving part and an oil-loving part on the same molecule. Because of this, this ingredient can act as a cleanser by washing away dirt and oils.

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