C14-22 Alcohols

A naturally-derived emulsion stabilizer that has a light feel. It is not a drying alcohol, in fact the emulsions it helps create can make the skin feel soft and cushioned.
C14-22 Alcohols


C14-22 alcohols are a blend of fatty alcohols with carbon chains ranging from 14 to 22 carbons in length. These carbon chains are oil-loving, while the alcohol on the end of the carbon chain is water-loving.

Because of these opposing functions within the same molecule, this ingredient is able to support emulsifiers in keeping water and oils separated and stabilized within emulsions. These synthetic emulsion stabilizers give a cushioned feel to emulsions by having such long chains of carbons.

Finally, it is critical to note that even though this is an “alcohol,” C14-22 alcohols are not drying to the skin like the more common ethyl alcohol would be.