AKA: Sulisobenzone
Also known as sulisobenzone, it is a chemical sunscreen that protects against UVB and most UVA radiation. It is weaker than typical sunscreens and is usually accompanied by other UV absorbers to be most effective.


Benzophenone-4 also known as sulisobenzone is a UV light-absorbing ingredient. It absorbs light between 270 and 350 nanometers, which includes all of the UVB light range and most of the UVA light range.

UVB light causes tanning and can lead to skin cancer, while UVA light goes deeper into the skin to cause DNA damage. Benzophenone-4 can be used as a sunscreen agent to protect against these types of damage. However, it is weaker than typical sunscreen agents and often needs to be accompanied by other UV absorbers to be most effective.

It is also useful for protecting other ingredients that may be subject to degradation when exposed to too much UV light. Examples of this can be color deterioration and loss of efficacy in antioxidant ingredients. As a water-soluble compound, benzophenone-4 is commonly used in oil-in-water emulsions, which can include lotions and sunscreens.