A naturally occurring material that has a variety of functions. It is used as absorbent, since the bentonite can absorb oils produced by the skin and prevent a greasy appearance. It is also a great opacifier.


Bentonite is an aluminum phyllosilicate clay, meaning it is a type of soil based on silica. This natural ingredient has a variety of functions, including controlling viscosity, so adding bentonite to a skincare product can cause it the thicken significantly.

Due to this ability, this ingredient can also stabilize emulsions and act as a bulking agent. Bentonite is also an absorbent, in which it takes up oily substances. This is useful in dry powdered skincare products, as the bentonite can absorb oils produced by the skin to prevent a greasy appearance.

In addition, bentonite is a great opacifier, wherein it makes the product appear opaque in bulk and upon application.