Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract

A beneficial extract obtained from Oat groats popular in products aimed at eczema-prone skin. It contains skin healing beta-glucan, anti-inflammatory phenolic compounds, antioxidant flavonoids, various lipids, proteins, and moisturizing amino acids.

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Avena sativa kernel extract is obtained from Oat groats, which are widely consumed in oatmeal and dairy-free oat milk. It is produced by steeping oat kernels in water and glycerin and then draining and pressing the mixture several times.

Avena sativa kernel extract is a favorite ingredient in products targeted at eczema-prone skin. It can make the skin feel soft and moisturized, reduce the appearance of flaky skin, help with itching, and is even listed as an active ingredient in the form of colloidal oatmeal in concentrations of 1% and above in several products.

Breakfast oat flakes straight from the package can also be used to make soothing baths. They are soaked in lukewarm water and the resulting paste is then applied as a mask.

All of its benefits come from the active substances that can be found in oats, such as beta-glucan (which is immunomodulant and can assist in skin healing), phenolic compounds called avenanthramides (which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can also reduce itching), flavonoids and organic acids (which have antioxidant properties), various lipids, proteins, and amino acids (which have moisturizing properties).

Oats have a long history in skincare and the recent research on its active ingredients supports this. Overall, oat extract is a beneficial ingredient for irritated, itchy, and flaky skin.

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