Alcohol Denat.

Denatured alcohol is ethanol that contains additives that make it unsafe to consume. It is mainly used as a solvent and an antimicrobial agent. A major drawback to alcohol denat. is that it dries out the skin.

Alcohol Denat.


Denatured alcohol is technically ethanol that contains additives making it unsafe to consume.

This ingredient has many cosmetic applications, the main one being that it acts as an excellent solvent. Sometimes various cosmetic ingredients are not soluble in water or oil, and alcohol is the perfect middle ground for mixing in those tricky ingredients.

Another application of denatured ethanol is as an antimicrobial agent, as it has the ability to penetrate the cells of microbes to destroy them.

A major drawback to alcohol is that it dries out the skin as a result of its quick rate of evaporation.